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My Songs


My Songs


Desperately missing you

where are you?

Qui est cette personne?

J'ai lu dans mon horoscope prevu  comme suivant

Une rencontre imprevue avec un ancien ami se peut que cela commence un peu de facon malcommode aujourd'hui. Ton coeur ouvre le nouveau commencement et il peut que ca soit l'occation que tu attendais. Si aujourd'hui la conversation va bien, tu devrais l'explorer ou cela peut te mener demain.
Tiens compte de faire quelques plans sociaux. Commence a etre en contact avec les quels tu peux commencer a trouver la partie de toi meme.

Je suis courieuse, qui va se rencontre avec moi?

How sad!

For these few days, I've spent my free time to finish the book from Jean P Sesson, 'Princess'. This is a true story about how  the life of a princess of Saudi Arabia and women's life there. I have not finished it yet, but I've already sicked of it. I mean, how can they live like that? If I were them, I would have run away. Maybe it is easy for me to say that but I can hardly imagine. Women's life is on men's hand. What is this?!?!
Reading this story makes me realize how lucky I am. I was born in a very democratic family.  My father never forbid me to do things I like. He supports me for every step I take. He believes that I have every thing I need to decide the right choice. He knows that I would have asked him for advice if I was not sure of one thing. 
So, knowing women in Saudi never have any right to choose what is the best for their lives, makes me so speechless. How could a father give his daughter to be married to be the 4th or 5th wife of a 62 wealthy year old man and ruined her daughter's life and dream? And knowing the daughter tried to suicide because of unhappy marriage and life, didn't move her father's heart. Instead of making her daughter better, her father joined with her brother raped many children while on vacation in Egypt. How tragic!
Another father sank her daughter in the family's pool because he considered her daughter acted inappropriate. A mother considered her son as her king and let his son raped her maid. 
What I hate most is, these immoral attitudes have been legalized by them as a part of Islam's life.
Somebody, speak up!

Writer's Block: Random Acts of Kindness

What is one of the nicest things you've ever done for another person?

One of the nicest thing I have ever done in my life is when my friend just came back from her hometown. She gave birth to her second child there and came back here with her two little children to be taken care of. Her house was really really messy because she left it few months before. I could not stop thinking how she would do it by herself while caring her children. I did not have the heart to leave her with such mountainous house works. Beside, I was free at that moment. Then I  cleaned her entire house and arranged things to the proper places. I did it because she is a very nice person I've ever had in this town.

Do you think so?

Reality is what you take to be true
what you take to be true is what you believe
What you believe is up to you

Do you think so?